Hello lego fans,

the year is nearly over and I haven’t updated for a while so I thought I’d make another post.

This one’s been ready for a while but I kept making add-ons,  so it took a bit of time.`

At first it was just a pentagonal prism(five sides) but then I added another ,bigger, prism to it and then I still couldn’t decide what it was. Eventually I decided to make it  a rocket .

Today I decided to give it all those grey pieces as a decoration. Unfortunately since it was a pentagon it was sort of hard to make.

another view of the ship

And here’s a view of the ship taking off

T-minus 5... 4... 3... 2.... blastoff!

And here’s a view of the inside to show you the frame structure



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LEGO Zombies map

Anyway on to the post.

It’s a custom model based on a videogame: Call of duty blackops, it’s a zombies map that I haven’t thought of a name for.

the map

After you’re done saving the world from NOVA 6, you really only have multiplayer and zombies. Multiplayer is great, but if you don’t have online then you’re either alone or playing with a sibling, which means only using small maps, otherwise it takes forever to find someone and it ends in a few seconds anyway.

So that leaves zombies. Now, I had so much fun when my best friends cousin brought it to play that I had play it.

Anyway, to the post.

Whenever you start a match, you start in the corner of a small room with 500 points(not actually a lot) a pistol, a knife, and a couple of grenades. In the first room there are usually a rifle and a shotgun, and at least one door.    You always play as on of 4 different characters, I made dempsey, the american.

After that you have to wait for the zombies to come. Then they break down the barriers and come in where you can kill them in a number of different ways for score. You can also get score for rebuilding the barriers.

In round one they take one knife or a couple of bullets to kill. In round two the can take twice that, and in round three it takes three stabs or almost three magazines from your pistol. You have to get score to buy better weapons and doors to unlock more of the map.

a door

Once you’ve unlocked some more of the map, there’s more to buy,  like…







The mystery box!

This is a great thing where you take a chance and it will give you a random weapon after cycling through them all. If your lucky you’ll get a wonder weapon,(very good, futuristic, fictional weapon), if you’re not you’ll get a sniper rifle or rocket launcher. It costs 950 points to use, (10 with firesale) and if you use it too much you get a teddy bear with insane giggling as it rises away from you, finishing with a menacing BYE BYE!








Once you have you’ve turned the power on you can buy even more stuff and pack a punch.

power switch

On  some maps there are teleporters which help you get to the pack-a-punch machine. To pack-a-punch you need 5000 points then you put your weapon in and it gets upgraded. After you’ve linked them you go in and teleport somewhere, usually near the pack-a-punch machine.

the telleporter in action. That electric current swings over when it's teleporting on the lego version, but in the game it surges along three wires.


when you’re teleporting electricity comes on your screen and you see something from an earlier map. Then you’re next to the teleporter.

the machine







Once there you put it in and you here buzzing, a fraction of the pack-a-punch jingle and a ping! when it’s done.

When it comes out it’s chiseled and has a different name plus it’s upgraded.






Also to do this you need time between waves of the undead wich is why you need…

…a crawler!(I call them shtompies) These are usually slower and they don’t have legs. to make one, use a grenade and there leggs fly right off.

you can stab a zombie...


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Forruner structure and monitor

I haven’t updated for a while because I was enjoying the holiday but I’ve been working on this one for a while,but it broke so I had to rebuild it.


the monitor is on the right

the monitor is on the right



This entire thing is actually just a scaled up version of my previous Forruner structure for my marine and grunt post. It was originally going to be the entire control room but it was to top-heavy so it’s just one to play with minifigs  instead of game accuracy.

It’s actually a nice thing to use as a centerpiece during lego battles of halo.

I also added some fancy triangles to the structure like the forerunners did to all of their structures.



here is a strange little man or as spark would call him "reclaimer"


I added a green hat to the strange little man to make sorta like master chief. In the control room I added a little place to put the index in and activate halo.


he's activating the ring

there you can see the cute little guy activating the rings. I probably should have made an index but I didn’t because I felt lazy.



the reclaimer meets spark

That thing the guy is standing on is fully adjustable.

the inside isn't as detailed as the outside









Thats the end of this chapter

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Halo REACH Jorge

Hi Lego fans

I’m doing another custom model from the new game halo reach Like last time it’s a model based on a character in the game.

This big guy is my favourite spartan  in Noble team because he’s a spartan II instead of a spartan III like the other members, so he’s more like chief. He’s also bigger and stronger than the other guys.  His call sign is Noble five and he’s the team’s heavy weapon specialist, and is never seen without his signature weapon: a big heavy machine gun.

He was also the one to be knocked out first by a slipspace bomb, which supposedly teleported to oblivion.

When I first saw the halo reach box, I thought they were all SPARTAN II’s and he was some kind of mega SPARTAN with a portable MAC.

a comparison shot

a shot of his stickers

The main difference between this guy and the one on the box is the red visor which he actually has in game, I also gave him stickers which I think looks nice






his big gun

I also gave his gun stickers





he's bigger than a random joe

here you can see his face with a scar

a back view

the way he holds it










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Halo reach grunts and a marine

Hi lego fans!

This is a custom model made for the great new halo game reach. It’s a great game  with tons of fun and action the great part is that you can rank up and get credits to buy new bits of armor and voices, not to mention make hilarious things happen when you get defeated by your opponents. It tells the dark tale of reach’s fall. You play with an elite team  called Noble made up of Spartans like Chief except most of them are smaller than him . You play as the teams newest member, known throughout the game as noble six.

I’m doing a post about the new types of grunts and a marine.

First of all here’s a picture of a marine and a grunt deacon fighting at a Forunner relic(if this really happened the grunt would run away screaming).The little black spot  is a plasma burn on the relic. As you can see the forerunner relic is the triangular structure in the background

the grunts weapons

This is the part when the grunts freak out and annoyingly go all kamikaze and do what my brother and I call the hug of death.

"the hug of death"

And here’s my favourite type of grunt the one with two methane tanks and if you shoot the tank it sends him spiraling through the air

And here’s the cobbled together marine I made at the last moment for some  ZIZANG!

He has a frag(fragmentation) grenade and a 45. magnum

They also ocasionally have a sniper rifle

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Hello lego fans!

It’s November which means school is almost ending, and 2010 is sadly almost over.

So for this post I’m going to do the lego model I got for christmas last year, the crown jewel of my fleet, the Republic Attack Shuttle!

I had been saving up for this one for nearly two years, so I was very excited when I got it, but the hyped as a waited 3 weeks for christmas to arrive.

Then when christmas eve came we all opened our presents and I didn’t want to leave the model for supper but I managed to eat a few sausages, but I was feeling  sick with excitement ,so unfortunately missed out on cape brandy pudding with home-made ice cream(my mom’s christmas present),and I managed to finish book 1 by 10 o’clock. The next morning I woke the roosters up and finished it, only for it to be sat on by my brother!

Okay for the features it comes with one clone pilot, one clonetrooper, and Jedi mace windu with his unique purple lightsabre.

I never really liked windu because in the movies he was always grumpy and hard to please but when his hands got cut off and he was blown out a window five times the speed of sound I felt sorry for him, and thought that since he didn’t hit any thing he might have survived.

Luckily he was improved in the tv show and got friendlier, besides he’s got a great lightsabre and was one of the only Jedi to be killed during order 66 that wasn’t killed by order 66.

But back to lego, it’s got an automatic weapon but it jams, fun dropable missiles/bombs,an openable cockpit,movable wings, movable weapons cache,and a crewbay. It’s got feet and a hole for the magazine to slide out.

Any way here’s some pics

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Hello lego fans

Sorry for being really late,it’s just that it’s school holidays so I felt really lazy.

Any way onto the post, it’s a custom model and it really was an accident. You see I was making a spaceship turret(starwars variety of course) then I made some modifications and made it more sci-fi like.(the orange thing is the anti-gravity pulse to lift it)They grey pieces on the sides are guards,because with raw fire power you can be sure they’ll be firing back  so you need some protection.

Any way if it were a real turret, because no weapon is perfect these would be the downsides to it:

it swivels too fast meaning it’s hard to hit infantry, but great for vehicles,you can’t swing it to high and it has a 180 degree turning angle and it has a relatively slow rate of fire.

But back to lego it can’t really turn at all unless you put it on one of those turning pieces which I really should have done but I wanted the post out soon as possible. The bottom two tubes are missile launchers with lock on for vehicles.

It has one handle for turning and a sidearm in case the enemies get too close and too pins that launch the chair off the rest of the turret.

All in all the question I must ask is if you were a military general, would YOU deploy it?

nice little view of it

there's the lever you can't resist pulling

should he fire?

look at him

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